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Yusuf Islam - Bismillah

Yusuf Islam - Bismillah
  • Artist: Yusuf Islam

  • Album: Bismillah

  • Language: English

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  • Bismillah
  • Fortunate is He
  • God is the Light
  • Syukur
  • Say He is Allah
  • Allah Ta-ala
  • Sifat 20
  • Rabbi Ya Rahman
  • Which of Allah's Favours Can We Deny
  • The Wind
  • A is for Allah
  • Thank You Allah
  • Turn to Allah
  • In Sa'altu
  • Alhamdulillah
  • Give Thanks to Allah
  • Asmaa al-Husna
  • Bismillah
The nasheeds in this album seek to praise the Almighty, first and foremost, but additionally they try to inspire the listener to reflect upon the majesty of their Creator - that all that surrounds us, including ourselves, is the direct result of God's creation; indeed nothing happens in our world without His express knowledge and say-so. The songs urge us to remember Allah more frequently; to be grateful for all His Blessings; to seek His Guidance and Forgiveness. In other words, worship Him.

This eclectic collection features Yusuf Islam and some of his friends from around the world: Raihan from Asia, Zain from Africa, Dawud from North America, Aa'shiq al-Rasul from Europe and Ziad from the Middle East. Each is talented and possesses a unique style. And each has worked with Yusuf in the studio. In keeping with a rich tradition that values and emphasises the voice (as witnessed also by the accent on melodious recitation of the Qur'an and Call to Prayer) all the featured artists are strong vocalists who sing solo and/or with great harmonies complemented only with percussive instruments.
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